Saint Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church

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The Epistle Side

The Epistle side windows represent four of the covenants God made with mankind. One with Adam, one with Noah, one with Abraham and one with Moses and the people Israel. "Covenant" is a Hebrew word meaning "binding pact" which God always adhered to and mankind never seemed to be able to.

Window #1

The Creation Window

Genesis 1:1-2:16

White Carnation

This window presented the greatest challenge to the crafters. After all, it's only possible to get creation right once (and God already did that).


The clear bevel (symbolizing the pre-existence of the Trinity) is surrounded by black glass. This black glass signifies (Genesis 1:1-2), "the earth was without form and void".

Genesis 1:3-4 "and there was light...and He separated light from darkness" leads into the creation of divisions between the heavens, the land and the seas Genesis 1:6-10) 

The third tableau depicts the creation of vegetation, birds, animals and "water creatures". (Genesis 1:11-25)

The last tableau of the Creation Window is the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" (Genesis 2:9, 16) An ominous serpent can be seen with a piece of fruit leaving from the tree.


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