Saint Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church

St Elizabeth Church

Edwards Halls

The Anchor Window

The Anchor Window Symbol of the disciples and of St. Jude
(See Matthew 10:1-4)

St Andrew's Window

St. Andrew's Window- Feeling unworthy to be crucified on a cross like Christ. Andrew asked to be crucified sideways (See Acts 9:1-3)


Celtic- Symbol of the Church in Ireland and Iona (See Mathew 28:19)


TAU- Oldest form of the cross; the type on which Jesus was crucified
(See John 19:17)


Gospel- Symbol of the four gospellers with Christ at the center
(See John 21:24-25)


Chi Rho- First two Greek letters of Christ's name (See Matthew 16:16)

Cross of Triumph

Cross of Triumph- Symbol of the missionary triumph of the Gospel throughout the world
(See Luke 24:46-47)


Maltese- Four spearheads with points together (See Isaiah 2:4)


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