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Over 2,000 individual pieces of glass and over 800 hours of work over ten years went into the creation of these 63 stained glass windows. The Narthex (front entranceway), Sacristy, Sanctuary, Nave and Edwards Hall all have colorful and educational pieces. The windows were designed and crafted by "Sunny shines" --the stained glass studio of The Rev. Robert and Sonita K. Cummings. Son Timothy assisted on a few and, in one case, the "Loaves and Fishes" window, design help was contributed by Pauline J. Weber (artist, as well as Sunny's mother).

The predominant type of glass used is "cathedral" or clear glass. It symbolizes to the crafters that the windows are not meant to "block out" the world so much as to see out into the community and to allow the light of Christ to shine into -- and then through -- us into the world.

The cost of the glass and construction materials were paid for by individual contributions, some in memoriam and some in thanksgiving for blessings received. The parish has tried to recognize those people by plaques either at the back of the church or by each window. Their generosity meant that the parish did not have a major financial burden on these projects. The crafters received no monetary recompense for any of their time or labor.

A quote from Rhode Island Stained Glass -- An historical Guide by Paul F. Norton (Dublin, NH 2001): "Unusual circumstances brought stained glass windows to this small country church in 1996. Pastor Robert Cummings, his wife Sunny, and son Tim, combined efforts to make four very fine windows with their simple equipment and minimum experience.... There is cathedral glass and opalescent glass, and variations on these such as "streaky", green foliage Kokomo glass and brown bullseye, crackle, ect. A kind of primitivism pervades the whole set."

Crafters note: We appreciate the review and enjoy the fact that our parishioners seem to have received our "primitive" style so well. (SKC & RCC+)


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