Saint Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church

St Elizabeth Church
Services at St. Elizabeth church

As encouraged by the National Church, the Eucharist is celebrated as the principal rite at both Sunday services. There are two well-attended (8 & 10 am) Sunday services, with music at 10, and with Sunday School and religious education conducted in the hall during the 10 o’clock service.

Easter and Christmas, the holiest days on the church calendar are always joyously celebrated at St. Elizabeth’s. Christmas is all the more personal since our outdoor crèche has been built and decorated by one of our parishioners. We begin our Christmas celebration on the eve with a joyous celebration of the Eucharist amid beautiful decorations, the church illuminated by candles, the congregation led in song by the choir. Easter begins at our first service with all enjoying the sun’s early morning rays.

Our parish encourages many ministries, internal to the parish and external into the community. We have an organist and choir, ECW, Altar Guild, Lectors, Chalice Bearers, Acolytes and Eucharistic Ministers. We have children’s services and religious education in our Sunday School classes.

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